Brief Career Bio

Born in Chicago, I have a warm, midwestern personality, but after a long and successful corporate career, I have a backbone of steel. I can be your uncompromising corporate lawyer as well as your favorite aunt. However, my most fun roles are a bit on the crazy side.

Passionate Actress

As an actress, I can play a wide and diverse variety of casts and characters. I am adept at playing villain roles, highlighting humanity by bringing a level of depth to the character. While I can also easily pull off the role of a warm, lovable person, I really have fun playing roles that are a bit on the crazy side.

Corporate Career

Before acting, I was the CFO and SVP at HBO Sports. I handled not only the financial demands of a major sports division but also negotiated talent deals and licensing contracts. I managed staff and presented financials and budgets to the company chairman. I was also the representative of the network in many industrial relationships. It was a wonderful place to work.